Welcome Addicts


Art supply geeks, freaks, and junkies I welcome you. Here is a place you will not be judged for your hobby! Your compulsive collecting of all those pretty colors will instead be accepted, nay, indulged!

Over the coming weeks you’ll be treated to reviews of all the things you love best. You’ll hopefully discover new supplies, new tricks, and who knows, maybe even see a little artwork too. And, you’ll receive “news you can use.” (To help you empty your bank account more efficiently).

This blog is not about being the best artist in the world. It is about celebrating the sheer joy of play. Before adults imposed their nonsense on you, there was a time that you would color with crayons, with fingerpaints, with food without a thought of the outcome. No guilt, no worry. Just the feel of the materials and the bright shiny colors. Totally in the present moment.

Our sincere wish is that you can recapture that spirit, and accept your craving for playtime.



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